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Dr. Seuss tries a Japanese candy bar

Crunky bar

In the town of fair Tokyo, where candy comes from
Lived a man name of Kyuk-ho whose work-life was glum.
Well, he thought a great thought with his brain before bed:
“I’ll go buy a sweet treat, like some chocolate!” he said.

So he jumped out of bed

Put his slumber aside

And he caught the last train

And he took a short ride

To the shop where he bought

A big fat

Candy bar.

And he ate it in silence and looked at a star.





And the star seemed to tell him
Just what he should do.
Do you know what he did?
You want me to tell you?

Why, he started a business,
For candy to bake!
And he sent me this candy,
A review to make.

I was busy with wrestling

A fierce snarky snitch.

I was woozling and wazzling

And scratching an itch.

And the Boozles were buzzing and would not be caught.
So it took me awhile to give Kyuk-ho a thought.

But in time I did try it, and found it delish!
It was dory and hunky — a fine, perfect dish!

So I ate it all up and sent Kyuk-ho a line:

“It is crunchy! And munchy! It is really divine!
It’s so GREAT, it’s so GOOD! You are truly my friend.
Yes, I LOVE it, in spite of my history …”

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