How to win writing contests

Google “how to win writing contests” and you’ll get a little bit of basic advice — proofread your entry, follow the submission rules to the letter, keep track of your entries, and don’t even think of missing the deadline — along with a whole lot of nonsense concocted by self-professed literary gurus with lucrative writing coach businesses.

In reality, there are only three things you need to do to win writing contests:

Keep writing.
Keep learning.
Keep entering.

It really is that simple. Here are two contests that I recently won by following these three tips:

Hint Fiction Contest 20192019 Hint Fiction Contest
“A Night Out with the Girls”

Read it here >


Minotaur NoirMythic March Short Story Contest
“Minotaur Noir”

Read it here >

But remember, those are just two out of the dozens of contests I’ve submitted to lately and the hundreds I’ve entered over the years. Note that I said “submitted” and “entered,” not “lost.” The only way to lose is to quit.

Don’t quit.
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