Got a dollar?

Want twenty bucks of suspense but only got a dollar? Take that dollar and turn it into an ebook and a penny!

My latest novel, False Memoir: Based on an Untrue Story, is on sale for just 99 cents today through Friday, May 10 (and it’s zero cents if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited).

If you like the spine-chilling encounters with cold-blooded killers of “My Favorite Murder” and the hair-raising thrills of “Last Podcast on the Left,” you’ll love this ebook, guaranteed.

Kindle sale_False Memoir

Here’s the inside scoop:

Journalist Katherine Luck was writing a book about a serial killer. She never expected to get caught up in a terrifying mystery.

Veteran crime reporter Jack O’Lies became notorious for his disturbingly perceptive articles about an unidentified murderer who was terrorizing Seattle…one who eventually murdered Jack’s wife. Twelve years later, another killer is stalking the city. Jack, an alcoholic with a violent temper who’s one drink away from being fired, is obsessed with finding out who he is. But this time, Jack is the one in danger.

To save himself, Jack must share his darkest secrets with someone. And the person he chooses is Katherine. But that might be the worst mistake he’s ever made. And writing this book might be the worst mistake she’s ever made.

Get False Memoir right here on Amazon today!


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