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Nostradamus tries Japanese DIY candy

The Final Prophecy of Nostradamus


Japanese sushi candy

In a season of famine shall a seer
A casket of strange sweetmeats acquire;
Then will he burst the seals and within peer,
And unleash an invasion truly dire.



Contents of diy sushi box

Provisions for war from great Ilium
Within, as the equus of red cedar
with belly filled for battle; then shall come
A great multitude prepared to make war.



Making candy sushi rice

The blue king with poison shall fill the well
And with a rose spear bestir the water;
The white desolation which none can tell
Shall with the raindrops join for slaughter.



Making candy eggTo the west will Centaurus point his spear
When comes the yellow king to give battle.
Ancient oracles must the people hear;
Behold the king astride a white saddle.



Making candy tuna

Young lions shall charge forth in rash attack
While seasoned warriors plan warlike deeds.
Yellow shall strive upon a field of black
Against fierce red; two kings shall mount pale steeds.



Making candy noriNeither good nor evil Mars shall herald;
Japan will not heed the heavenly call.
The virgin harvest will be imperiled
When fragments of black sea to earth do fall.


Making candy sushi roe

Blood and honey shall a young bee gather,
Orbs from heaven shall drop into the sea
Whence no fish can escape the red lather
In the fearsome land of Hirosaki.


Making candy sushi

Not battle but red plague will win the throne
In the time when the moon wars against man.
From above foul contagion will be blown;
Pestilence shall triumph over Japan.



Sushi candy

After the throes of battle, two kings face
desolation upon the combat field.
Ruin surrounds, havoc in every place,
yet their mutual defeat has been sealed.



Candy soy sauce

Swept away, the spoils of war uneaten.
Zeus shall dispose of the rations rotten.
The war is over, the fighters beaten.
The brown king yet stands alone, forgotten.

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